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Google Shopping Ads

You’ve probably seen Google Shopping Ads in the past. They often appear within a search query for a product in Google. These ads are particularly effective, because they showcase a high quality image image on the product listing, as well as the price of the product in question. Because these product listing ads tend to appear at the top of the search engine listings, your product ads are going to appear where searchers are going to be looking the most.

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    Amazon Sponsored Ads

    Advertising on Amazon is an easy way for you to promote your listings. Amazon sponsored Ads appear right where customers will see them, such as the first page of search results or product detail pages. You place bids on relevant keywords, and if your bid wins and your ad matches the search, your ad gets displayed to shoppers. These targeted ads can bring your products to a new audience and help you maximize your sales.

    Bing Shopping Ads

    Bing Shopping campaigns are similar to those of AdWords. They allow advertisers to display their product ads on the Bing Search Network. They are currently displayed on the right-hand side of the search results page in a grid format. Each ad contains an image, price, product description, and company name. This format allows for advertisers to increase their overall presence on the search results page outside of general text ads.